Why choose Ali Mediation

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Ali Mediation offers a comprehensive, high- quality, professional and confidential mediation service to help in resolving a wide variety of issues. Whether its divorce or separation, arrangements for children, finance or property, Ali Mediation can assist. We are also able to offer mediation for siblings, parents and children, and family members.

If you feel unable to communicate directly and need the assistance of an impartial trained mediator, then Ali Mediation can help by breaking down the problems and encouraging communication between you.

If language is a concern for you, Ali Mediation can also provide mediation services in English and Urdu. We are also able to understand Punjabi and Hindi, making us one of the few multi lingual services in the country providing a wider possibility to our customers.

Ali Mediation can help to save you money; mediation is a more cost effective alternative to litigation. Ali Mediation can help couples explore the issues and concerns they have, and assist them to reach there own joint decisions, avoiding the need for solicitors from the outset.

If children are involved I can make arrangements to work with them arranging a safe and secure method of communication to discuss their views and opinions on how they feel the matter should be resolve and what they want from their parents.

Ali Mediation provides a completely confidential and impartial service. Anything discussed during mediation will be kept totally confidential, other than in the event of physical harm to another or fraud. For financial matters, full and frank disclosure will be required from you both. If you both agree an outcome Ali Mediation can produce a document, so a solicitor can later have it made into a legal document.

Ali Mediation is able to accommodate appointments outside of working hours, including evenings and weekends. We work predominantly in Berkshire, Hampshire, Greater London, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Our service will provide you with an easy, affordable and relaxed alternative to resolving your family disputes.