How does Mediation work

How does Mediation work?

Mediation can only work if both of you wish to participate. Mediation is not an advice or counselling service, however we are able to provide information. The mediator will need to have an initial telephone discussion with each of you. This is to ensure mediation is suitable for you both, and can also help to answer any questions you may have.

Once you both have decided you wish to continue, then it will be necessary to sign an ‘Agreement To Mediate’ document; this sets out all the principles of mediation.

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After which you both will be invited to attend a meeting with a trained mediator. At the first session the process will be explained and the mediator will begin to identify all the issues you wish to work on.

Following on from the first meeting you will then have a series of meetings to discuss the various issues. The number of meetings will be determined by how much work needs to be covered. Depending on what needs to be discussed, it may be necessary to fill out further forms, i.e. Financial information forms.

At the end of all the session, the mediator will produce a document summarising the issues and the arrangements reached. If the matter is in relation to finance, then a further document detailing these arrangements will be produced for the benefit of the solicitor. Since these documents are not legally binding, a solicitor will need to deal with the final stage of applying to the court to agree an order.